Ross Lorraine A Singers' Songwriter

​"It has been an absolute joy to work with Ross Lorraine... Each of Ross's songs has a distinct personality... unique and original songs..."
Claire Martin, OBE
Vocalist, Producer, Broadcaster

Debut Album

Ross Lorraine "Heart Of Mine"

Heart Of Mine

Songs of Ross Lorraine

Claire Martin, Gwyneth Herbert, Ian Shaw, Liane Carroll, Luca Manning, Sara Colman

"Here you can hear the quality which distinguishes the best of contemporary British music"
Süddeutsche Zeitung
“Such a thrill to sing such well-crafted songs. Whether the generic pop-structure format or a denser, more character-driven narrative, Ross Lorraine’s writing is a joy.”
Ian Shaw
"Sweetly meandering melodies, timeless lyrics tinged with nostalgia - ​Ross Lorraine's songs are a joy to sing"
Gwyneth Herbert
"Ross is a standout from the crowd composer whose songs are timeless and full of soul"
Rob Barron

Writing songs has been a part of Ross’s life since his teenage years.

A new album from one of Britain’s most unique and versatile composers and pianists Ross Lorraine is now showcasing the breadth and wealth of his talent.

‘Heart Of Mine’ is produced by jazz figurehead Claire Martin and features the vocal talents of Liane Carroll, Gwyneth Herbert, Ian Shaw, Luca Manning, Sara Colman and Claire Martin herself: a cast of guest singers who represent the very best vocal jazz talent in the UK and internationally.